Pour les Orchidomaniaques et les autres

For orchidmaniac and others

Orchids are like beautiful women who are a little haughty that you come across in cocktail parties. We hardly dare speak to them, that they, for the most part, end up leading a life of solitude. Thomas Balaÿ and Frédéric Pautz paid them tribute in a book published by Ulmer Edition

We meet 64 beautifully photographed members of this amazing Orchid Family that has over 20,000 species. Looking like crazy larynx, insane dancers, terrestrial jellyfish, mouths of monkeys, these ladies have close relationships with the animal kingdom. Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, even wasps ensure that fertilization and developmen occur throughout the world.

All are a treat to the eyes and the nose because, contrary to popular belief, these queens of the tropics smell really good.